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February 2023

HELLO February!!

It’s a new year…and it’s February already!

Happy Groundhog Day! Well, six more weeks of winter.

And Valentine’s Day is here!! Hope you have a wonderful and happy day.

Lots of new things to update you on. Hmmm, where to start. Let’s see. We have a couple of new products available this year. This month is Bubble Bath Swirls and Scoops!!

That’s right- bubble bath that you drop under the running water. Just like you always have except no plastic bottle to throw away. We had so much fun making and of course testing these awesome smelling bubble baths. They are silky smooth feeling and create lot of bubbles. Give them a try.

We have a busy Spring schedule of fairs, festivals and craft shows for you to visit us and check out our wares. If you can’t make it in person, here is our website for your viewing at your leisure.

March 19th, 10am-5pm, Paramus High School,

99 E Century Rd, Paramus, NJ

April 29 & 30, 10am-4pm, Yorktown Grange Hall,

99 Moseman Rd, Yorktown Heights, NY

May 6 & 7, 10am-5pm, Lewis Park, Warwick, NY

May 21st, 10-am-5pm, Broadway, Nyack, NY

June 3 & 4, 10am-5pm, White Plains Art & Craft Show,

Tibbets Park, White Plains, NY

June 11th, 10am-5pm, Veterans Park, Westwood, NJ

Date TBD Greenwood Lake Farmers Market

We have been slowly updating our website. It has been a long process and seems daunting at times especially when all you want to do is the fun stuff. But we have made progress. Let us know what you think of it so far.

Happy February Everyone!!

Don, Deb, Becca and Cori


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