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Becca's First Blog

This is my first attempt at writing a blog so I asked my almost 15yr old daughter "what do you write in a blog?" because she seems to know so much more about this than I do, although I won't tell her that.

She was absolutely no help!

I was recently at a restaurant and saw some beautiful items made from glass, mosty in lighting. Some were jars, some cut bottles and some just regular store bought globes but all displayed beautifully. That is something I am not good at: displays. I try, but I think my eye must be a bit off from the general public. My displays seem to be over crowded or lack consistency. Either too much or not enough- but still a work in progress. If I come up with one that I think warrants sharing I definitely will put it out there for feedback.

Thinking about those glass items I saw in the restaurant has sparked a new drive in me. (l had been getting stuck in a rut) It's nice to feel the creativity seep back into your brain. It is what keeps me creating. Hopefully, this newest creation will knock your socks off and keep me going too!

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