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Is Your Deodorant Toxic?

I was always one of those people who put on deodorant as part of a routine and because as a child my mother told me to. Then, as life goes on and the switch in some of our brains actually turns on (don't laugh), some of us begin to wonder- ok, I began to wonder about things (stop laughing). Ask questions. Read labels. What are we putting in and on our bodies?

Well, today, it's about deodorant and antiperspirant. And it turns out we shouldn't be putting it on our bodies. At least most of what is on the market today. There are so many better things to put on our bodies that work just as well and smell just as good as and even better than what is offered on the shelf.

Deodorant is just another way of hiding who we are. We are masking our smell. Yes we smell. Some smell wors than others. I can attest to that when my sons get in the car after any sporting event! Sometimes they just smell. Sorry guys. Not just them, my daughters too. Fair is fair.

But, the big marketing companies have told us they have a better product. The best they say. Their man made 'stuff' will last longer and you won't have to reapply. You won't perspire. Well, you are supposed to perspire, it's healthy to perspire. And yes, it can smell.

So reapply deodorant if necessary. Not antiperspirant. Use the all-natural 'stuff''. Don't use a product that stops your body from doing what it's meant to do to properly function- like perspire. If you can't pronounce the words, don't use the product. If you don't know what the ingredients are, either look it up or don't use it.

Mix together Arrowroot, Coconut Oil- enough to keep the arrowroot moist, and a few drops Essential Oil of your choice. You've just made your own deodorant!

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