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How do you feel about the time change?

Sometimes, I feel like I am in a different country trying to cope with the time difference. But it's only an hour. What's the big deal, right? It happens every year. It's not like it's a surprise. So, why the big drama. It's psychological. I have convinced myself it's a big deal and that I am missing something. An hour. We can all waste an hour easily doing nothing and get over it before the end of the day. But, some of us have to obsess over an hour lost- which we get back in November.

Well, this year, I decided to not obsess. Not make that one hour matter. To obsess about the one hour is like obsessing about the last cookie. Looking at the last cookie and thinking I don’t really need it. I shouldn’t eat it. Someone else might want one. Stop obsessing and walk away. There are so many more things to worry about. Like global warming and what beer to drink on St. Paddy’s Day……

Of course, my sister just told me she would hurt someone over the last cookie. Hmmmm........

The Farmer's Almanac has some suggestions if you find it difficult adusting to the time change.

Click here to follow the link.

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