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I need Spring!

Yet, it’s another day waiting to find out if we are going to get more snow or not. I am like so many of you. I am done with winter, done with snow, done with shoveling. I am getting low on some herbs I use in my products. Hopefully the panic doesn’t set in too soon. I have plans for expanding the gardens, too. I just want to feel the earth in my hands. The gardens are begging for their soil to be turned, old growth to be trimmed and composted, and to be loved. Last years’ compost was absolutely beautiful. With my new garden plans, I am ever hopeful of having enough compost to cover so many new areas. It’s all very exciting and exhilarating. Vegetable gardens, medicinal herb gardens, kitchen herb gardens. And for those of you who really know me, my dandelion garden will not have rows.

I am ready to get outside and begin my Spring ritual of preparing the gardens. How about you?

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