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Incense Sticks with Fragrance Oils

Incense Sticks with Fragrance Oils


4 sticks/ $1

There is no DPG added to my incense. I blend the ingredients and roll it out myself (and my boys).

  Once the batch is made, we (my boys are a tremndous help) have to 'use it or lose it'. 

I use quality Essential Oils and some Fragrance Oils. They are clearly marked for your convenience.

Update: we still make our own dough/punk, but my hands no longer allow me to hand roll them. I am working with another crafter who allows me to use his incense machine, which puts my handmade punk onto the stick.  Everything still done by me.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: very fine saw dust from assorted hardwoods(that I grind down myself), makko powder (brown) or charcoal powder (black), resin, guar gum, water, essential or fragrance oils


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